Capilano Cam has been discontinued...

After 18 years of service the CapCam has been discontinued, due to the cost being difficult to justify now that we have free online river gauges.

Not to worry, You can still check the level!!
Visit Metro Vancouver Levels site here and read the "River Flow m3/s"(CMS) from the GREEN line.

Use the chart below to roughly covert the CMS to the level indicated at the fish hatchery.


2; 20 cms

3; 30 cms

4; 50 cms

5; 70 cms

6; 90 cms

7; 115 cms

8; 140 cms

*9; 160 cms

*10; 200 cms

* these levels are over the weir and are approximations, be aware that a powerful and unavoidable recirculating hydraulic forms around these levels (video here