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Borrowing VWC Club Gear

The VWC has a range of whitewater kayaks, skirts, paddles and other gear to support club members to get out on the water and try different boats!


Once you are comfortable in the water, addicted to the sport, and have an idea of what gear works for you... we strongly encourage members to purchase their own equipment! Club gear is not intended to be borrowed on a permanent or long-term basis.  

Who Can Borrow Club Gear: 
  • Current VWC Club Members

  • Membership fees must be paid for the year  

How to borrow gear? 
  • Please fill out this form:


  • Attend a VWC Gear Day to sign-out gear.

  • Note, gear is available on a first come first served basis. Depending on the demand, we may have limited options, so we encourage you to come by early to have the best selection! 

How long can you borrow gear for? ​

  • Gear can be borrowed for all the Cap Sessions, but should be returned by the club Chilliwack Social.

  • If the gear you have borrowed is requested by another club member, you are limited to 2 week borrowing periods.


Member Responsibilities 
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you make it to one of the Gear Days to pick up or return gear, respecting the two week policy, and to declare any losses or damages. Late fees may apply.



What type of Boats do you have? 

  • We have a range of whitewater kayaks in different sizes. We have some play boats, river runners and creek boats. 

  • Boats to choose from include: Jackson Hero - Pyranha Nano - Jackson Karma (L) - Jackson Zen - Jackson Super fun - Jackson fun

               Jackson Fun - Dagger Agent - Dagger Mamba (S) - Dagger GT - Dagger G ride - Liquid Logic Little Joe

What happens if gear breaks while I am using it? 

  • It is your responsibility to declare any losses or damages. 

  • Please contact and we will follow up with next steps regarding gear. 

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