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COVID 19 - Please use Face-Masks when shuttling with people from outside your household.

Club trips are the heart and soul of the Vancouver Whitewater Club.  After all, the main reason we're here is to get together and paddle rivers in a fun and safe environment! Trips provide paddlers of all abilities the opportunity to meet with others and explore some of the most beautiful and exciting rivers in Southwest BC and beyond. Below is a list of trips and events planned for this year. Please note that a trip on the schedule is not finalized until an exact date, organizer and contact are listed.

Check out the forum: Trips board for more trip details.

Vancouver Whitewater Club  trips are organized by members, which means that we rely on volunteers to step forward and offer to organize and support club trips and events. The satisfaction of helping others get on the river is well worth the effort! We welcome suggestions for club trips and are always on the lookout for new organizers and support boaters. If you would like to help out in any way including ideas for trips that you would like to organize, please contact the Vancouver Whitewater Club Trip Coordinator.

IMPORTANT: Before participating on a club trip, all paddlers must become familiar with the Vancouver Whitewater Club  trip guidelines, accept responsibility for their conduct on the river and sign a waiver of liability. The guidelines and waiver can be found on the forum can also read the guidelines in the Trip Planning message board. In the meantime, please contact the Vancouver Whitewater Club Trip Coordinator with any questions regarding what is expected of trip organizers and participants.

Interested in leading a trip, i.e being trip organizer? Contact our trip coordinator; Ray Robb at

 2021 Vancouver Whitewater Club Trips    

All trips subject to change due to Covid/Wildfires

Class III+ Oct 31st/Nov 1st - Chilliwack/Chehalis - Ray Robb

Class II-IV July 17th/18th - Chilliwack Social - VWC

Class III+/IV July 24th/25th - Nahatlatch - Adam S.

Class III August 1st-3rd - Clearwater - Benjy

Class III+/IV August 8th/9th - Nahatlatch - Ray Robb

Class III August 15th/16th - Chilliwack - tbc

Class III+ September 18th/19th - Skookumchuck - Dave

Class III+ September 25th/26th - Thompson - Kate

Class II-III+ October 9th-11th - Long Beach - tbc