About Us


The Vancouver Whitewater Club (VWC) is a non-profit volunteer organization of whitewater enthusiasts who organize trips, training and educational meetings for paddlers in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. We offer introductory training for beginner whitewater kayakers but welcome all disciplines of whitewater paddling, so bring your Canoe, Kayak, Raft, Sup or Inflatable Unicorn and join us on the river

Why Paddle With Us?

Whitewater paddling is both fun and challenging, and is a great way to experience remote and beautiful areas of our country. We welcome new paddlers to join our activities whether they be a beginner or experienced, young or not so young. Please feel free to contact one of our executive members or trip organizers for more information.

Ben moved over from Ireland (not The Island) and found himself drawn to BC's rivers.  He's now the club President and has a history of working with clubs and mountain rescue back in Ireland.

Club President

Ben 'Benjy' Bradford

A British Import, putting the British back in British Columbia.  Known for being late, being broken and being in the way.

Vice-President / Pool Lessons Coordinator

Dave Wortley

Champion of the swim league, she's new to paddling but always finds the best deals out there so we made her Treasurer!


Kate Traczyk

Her biggest claim to fame is being rescued by an Olympic Gold Medalist at Skookumchuk... but we don't bring that up much... honest.

Secretary / Pool Session Coordinator

Bethany Ladd

Adam does computer stuff... 

Membership Coordinator

Adam Spencer

Martin keeps track of the gear, and Rich helps distributing.

Equipment Coordinator

Martin Feuchtwanger

What Ray doesn't know about the BC rivers probably isn't worth knowing about...

Activities / Trip Coordinator

Ray Robb

Josh runs the training pool sessions.

Pool Session Lead Instructor

Josh Askew

Directors at Large

Rich Powell

Colin Jeffery

Jessica Blok

Josh Askew

Megan Cramb